In today’s computing world, no large project the size of the jflicks media system can be written without the use of other software projects and tools. Here we would like to acknowledge these terrific packages and tools which have helped make our task easier.

The jflicks media system first and foremost is an OSGi set of applications. So of course without OSGi itself we would have had a much more difficult time creating such modular software. In our work we were aided by the terrific book OSGi in Action written by Richard S. Hall, Karl Pauls, Stuart McCulloch, and David Savage. And to actually run an OSGi program you need an OSGi Service Platform. We use Felix from the Apache Project.

Some of the images and descriptions you see in the TV user interface are from two web sites that make these images and descriptions available for our use. Images for TV shows are acquired from The TVDB and movie images are found on The Movie DB.

Some other images in the TV user interface are from the The Open Clipart site.

We have also found that a terrific program called Comskip does a great job identifying the commercial breaks in recordings.

No DVR can work without TV guide data so it can know when a show is scheduled to air. The Schedules Direct web site makes this data available for a very small yearly subscription.

We are using many Java programming libraries and tools including vlcj – Java bindings for the vlc media player. Also some services use db4o, which is a object database.

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