The jflicks media system 1.0 release is here.

The software developer just never sees the todo list ever become short.

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses. We here in the jflicks lab are no different and we have been working real hard on getting to an official 1.0 release. That time is now!

Installing and running a Home Theater PC is not an easy task for the average person. It still takes someone with quite a bit of technical knowledge. In the jflicks lab we have been focusing on trying to ease this task so it is possible for the average person and a breeze for a technical person.

Our system is naturally divided into two pieces. A server component that does things like recording video and a client component that allows you to watch video at your TV.

However if you are only going to install onto one computer, you can install our client server combination. This will run all the software on that one machine. That machine will handle all server functions and the TV user interface. This install is more like a typical DVR like a TiVo or a DVR from a cable or satellite company.

The jflicks media system server component is configured via a couple of desktop applications. We have installation programs for both Linux and Windows. You just install and run them on a PC on your network.

That is really all you need to try it out. See the downloads page to get it!

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